Thursday, March 9, 2017


Back in December I shared my first keeping it real post here. It was a struggle to share more personal issues with life at that time. I am sharing another as I would like to update my life at the moment. A little cleansing for the heart and soul. Opening my heart to my readership. 

♡ Firstly you never know how you can make someone happier. I had this lovely customer in store and I paid her a compliment on how the linen dress, from our store, looked fabulous on her and she was quite over come by my simple 'you look great'. I helped this lady find a shirt that she was looking for and we started a conversation on how positivity and kind words can make a huge difference. 

I often send messages to my daughter's to 'shine bright' daily. This lovely lady made a huge impact on me and I hope to see her in store again soon as I would love to have a coffee and a chat.

Do you ever meet an acquaintance that you wish had taken the conversation out of the environment where you met?

♡ In January I shared my savings plan, which started off really well then all the savings I had put away were needed to be used. I am starting fresh again right now holding myself accountable and focused. Lets hope February works better, without me over spending.

♡ I have started watching This is Us ..... what an amazing show! I love it so much. A story of three siblings (one adopted) revolving around their lives intertwining with flashbacks to before they were conceived and after into adulthood.

♡ A few weeks ago we held a media event at our store to celebrate the new designers and new collection at Country Road. I had a little fan girl moment while welcoming people as they entered the store, when the lovely Paula Joye (The Joye) walked into the store. She was so lovely and introduced herself with a handshake. Such a lovely lady.

♡ I have been absent over the last few weeks due to a lifestyle change ....... making the step after 5 years of being single to get out and date. Silly me gave Tinder a chance with a coffee date which was short lived as he was not for me. Then I joined a dating site - Zoosk - where I met one guy spending a few days with him but he wasn't ready and had to get his life on track before romancing anyone.

Then a little over a week ago I met another gentleman ...... we have so much in common and get along really well with communication high on the agenda. Let's see what happens. I am excited and so happy to have met this man.

Happy Thursday lovelies!!

How has your life been? I hope all is going well and you are happy!

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